Tips to Spring Back Into Your Exercise Routine

In the winter months it can be easy to become sedentary and get our of our normal fitness routines. Now with the weather getting warmer and outdoor activities starting back, there are plenty of opportunities to be physically active and exercise, so here are tips to help you spring back into your routine this time of year.

Ease back into your routine. Many of us regress in the winter months, and to avoid injury, smart with small goals and gradually progress. Sometimes this can be frustrating when your mind remembers what it should feel like, but your body needs time to catch back up.

Even if you don’t feel as sore as you expected after the first workout, remember that muscle soreness may increase over the next couple of days. Minimize Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness by under-training instead of overtraining in the beginning.

Overtraining could even lead to a more serious injury that could side-line you before you even got momentum in your training. While some injuries may be acute and take a few days or weeks to heal with rest, excessive exercise with inadequate rest can result in acute inflammation that evolves into a chronic response. In addition to recovering, rest is key to preventing soreness and injury. Even world-class athletes build in rest days to their training schedules.

Don’t deny your body fuel. The body needs adequate protein consumption for muscle protein synthesis (rebuilding muscles at the molecular level.) If you are looking to reduce weight, do not reduce calorie intake to the point that your body does not have enough calories for recovery.

Additionally, increase your fluid intake in warmer months and when increasing exercise. 11.5 cups per day are recommended for women and 15.5 for men. After exercising for more than an hour, another 12 to 16 ounces per 15 minutes is recommended.

Now that we’ve covered tips to spring back Into your exercise routine, here are some additional ways to improve performance:

As your training or exercise routine progresses using these tips for optimal health and safety, and you find that your performance is still limited, it might be time to consider neurological intervention. At FX Performance, we can boost your performance with:

  1. The NEUBIE® to re-educate your muscles to perform at their highest levels.
  2. Strategic mobility drills to bulletproof your joints and improve movement quality and capacity.
  3. Large doses of eccentric movement to train the muscles to become more pliable and absorb greater amounts of force.
  4. Other unique exercises and techniques that will amplify your ability to perform at a high level – starting with the brain and working their way down.

To learn more about neuromuscular therapy and to schedule your consultation, visit or call 706-842-6800.

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