Kathryn M.

Dr. DeAngelo gave me the most thorough exam that I have ever had.  He is very easy to communicate with and he got to the bottom of the problem.  He ordered physical therapy for me and within a week my pain was gone, and I am currently not having to take any more medications.  His staff has also been very easy to work with throughout this process

Riley A.

Dr. DeAngelo has been treating my chronic pain issues as needed for several years.  His treatments both before and after spine surgery have been very effective in relieving the pain for extended periods of time.  The staff and Doctors focus has always been on giving me a better quality of life through pain relief and better mobility.  They are always happy to help and cheerful.  Dr. DeAngelo’s focus has been to treat the cause of my pain issues at the root, not just treating the pain.  The entire staff has always had my be interest as their number one focus.


Fantastic Service! Dr. DeAngelo provided a thorough examination and addressed all my questions and concerns regarding my condition and treatment options, and my pain reduced after treatment!  His office staff is very courteous and helpful in scheduling my appointments.

Linda L.

Dr. DeAngelo gave me a very thorough examination, and he has the latest equipment to put my MRI disc on a screen so he can point out my issues. He did not rush through my time with him and thoroughly answered my questions.

I've made several visits to follow through with the treatment prescribed for me. He talked me through every step and answered my questions as well.

The bottom line is that I am feeling better than before my evaluation and treatments. As with everything else in life, make your own opinions and not what you may read online.


Ashley Y.

Through his recommendations of procedures and medications, I can enjoy life free from constant pain. I waited two years for Dr. DeAngelo to finally open his practice. Currently, I drive from Southwest Florida to Georgia just to see him and will continue to do this for years to come.

John M.

After struggling for years with chronic pain and stiffness as a result of cervical and lumbar fusion surgeries, I have finally found something that helps. Dr. DeAngelo and staff have provided me with flexibility, strength and confidence that help me achieve a better quality of life. I no longer suffer in the days following physical activity. My journey has just begun, yet the results thus far inspire me to continue pushing

Christina L.

I have seen several doctors regarding my back pain and Dr. DeAngelo is the best.  He attentively listened to my concerns, provided the most thorough exam I’ve EVER received, and provided comprehensible explanations.  Everyone on the staff team has been professional and kind.  They used advanced technology in my treatment, and he focuses on the long-term functional improvement instead of just pain medications.