Neuromuscular Therapy

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Neuromuscular Therapy

FX Neuromuscular Therapy is non-invasive Neuromuscular Stimulation. It can be used for pain, function and performance. FX Performance offers individualized treatment programs to reprogram connections in order to improve movement & performance.

Neuromuscular Therapy Membership Plans

3 Month Membership


  • (4) Neuromuscular sessions per month
  • (1) Kinetisense session per month
  • Customized Exercise Program

6 Month Membership


  • (4) Neuromuscular sessions per month
  • (1) Kinetisense session per month
  • Customized Exercise Program

12 Month Membership


  • (4) Neuromuscular sessions per month
  • (1) Kinetisense session per month
  • Customized Exercise Program

Neuromuscular Therapy Packages

Neuromuscular Experience


  • (1) Neuromuscular mapping session
  • (1) Neuromuscular therapy session
  • Certified Exercise Specialist directed

Neuromuscular 5-pack


  • (5) Neuromuscular therapy sessions
  • (2) Kinetisense sessions
  • One (1) hour duration

Neuromuscular 10-pack


  • (10) Neuromuscular therapy sessions
  • (2) Kinetisense sessions
  • One (1) hour duration

Recover From Surgery

After surgery, your body doesn’t necessarily understand that it was “put back together.” Instead, it only recognizes that there was trauma.

In response to that trauma, your brain and nervous system signal protective patterns to “lock down” the area of the body where the surgery took place. This protective pattern creates stiffness by holding some muscles tight and creates weakness by turning some muscles off (and this turning off, for example, leads to muscle atrophy after many surgeries).

In order to help you recover as efficiently and effectively as possible, we use the NEUBIE® to help re-educate your nervous system and restore more optimal function according to the

3 Steps to Optimal Recovery:

STEP 1 : IDENTIFY – The Mapping process allows us to identify exactly where these protective patterns are present.

STEP 2 : RESET – Once found, we help reset these protective patterns so that the tight muscles can relax and the weak ones begin to strengthen.

STEP 3 : BREAK THROUGH – With these hurdles out of the way, you can break through barriers to reach your recovery milestones much faster than you could with traditional therapies.

Improve Performance

Athletic Performance is not just about the body, it’s also in the brain.  Your brain controls your movement, muscles and overall health.

Above all else, your brain prioritizes survival and wants to be sure you live to see tomorrow.  That often means your brain will “put on the brakes,” limiting your performance to ensure that you don’t get injured.

What does this actually mean?

It means that a targeted, neurological intervention at FX Performance can make a difference in your performance.

At FX Performance, we will train you to boost your performance with:

  1. The NEUBIE® to re-educate your muscles to perform at their highest levels.
  2. Strategic mobility drills to bulletproof your joints and improve movement quality and capacity.
  3. Large doses of eccentric movement to train the muscles to become more pliable and absorb greater amounts of force.
  4. Other unique exercises and techniques that will amplify your ability to perform at a high level – starting with the brain and working their way down.

Recover From Sports Injuries

When you are injured or experience trauma, your brain and nervous system signal protective patterns to “lock down” the muscles and prevent movement.  Although this response may be a good response initially, it can very quickly become a problem because it slows down the overall healing process and creates movement dysfunction.

At FX Spine & Performance Center we developed the 3 steps to optimal recovery, designed to identify exactly where these responses are in the body, reset those responses and breakthrough to lasting healing.

STEP 1 : IDENTIFY – We start with a mapping process of the body, using the NEUBIE to identify exactly where the nervous system is imposing limitations on your body and restrictions in your movement.

STEP 2 : RESET – Once identified, we will help you reset those areas in order to change the underlying patterns. This opens up the pathways for the body to heal more effectively.

STEP 3 : BREAK THROUGH – By working through these restrictions, you can tap into the range of motion, strength, and capacity for pain-free movement that you had all along.  These breakthroughs add up to a more efficient and effective recovery, plus a reduced risk of injury in the future!

NEUBIE is used by:

  • NFL Teams
  • NBA Teams
  • MLB Teams
  • NHL Teams
  • Elite Athletes
  • Division 1 Universities

Reverse Chronic Pain

Have you ever wondered why an old injury still hurts, even after the damage has healed?

As we’ve learned in modern neuroscience, pain is not actually a signal of damage.  Pain is an action signal, and it’s generated in the brain as your brain’s attempt to get you to do something different.

Your brain creates this pain signal in response to perceived threat, and that perceived threat can come in many forms. Using FX Neuromuscular Therapy and the 3 steps to Optimal Recovery, you are able to:

STEP 1 : IDENTIFY the true source of your pain during our unique body scanning process using the NEUBIE device.

STEP 2 : RESET the negative neurological patterns and pain signals that your body/brain has become accustomed to.

STEP 3 : BREAK THROUGH to a life of more movement and less pain!


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Chronic Pain

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Neck Pain

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Back Pain

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Leg Pain

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Joint Pain

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Knee Pain

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Hip Pain

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Sciatic Pain

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Sports Injuries


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