#20 Soldier Boy

Position: Standing

Description: Engage your core by drawing your belly button up and back towards the spine. Shift your weight to one side while maintaining neutral hips. On the same side, bring your arm into 90-degree forward flexion with a 90-degree flexion in your elbow. Lift the opposing leg up into a 90-degree hip and knee flexion while extending your arm up. Your arm should end beside your ear and knee should be in line with the hip. Keep your ankle internally rotated and directly under the knee. Hold and slowly release. Perform the prescribed repetitions and switch sides.

Targeted Muscle Group(s): Working Leg: Psoas Major Stabilizing Leg: Glutes, Hamstrings, and stabilizers of hip, knee, and ankle joint. Working Arm: Anterior Deltoid, Pectoralis Minor

Key Points:

  • Keep your stabilizing leg locked into place and foot forward.
  • Keep your belly button drawn to your spine for core support.

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