#37 Split Squat

Position: Split Stance

Description: Start in a low lunge with one foot out in front of your body and the other behind. Front leg: Create a 90-degree angle at the knee. Your knee should be above the ankle and your foot should be facing forward. Back leg: Your toes should be under your ankle in a dorsiflexion position. Knee should be in line with both the ankle and the hip at a 90-degree angle. The weight of your body should be evenly distributed through both hips to maintain a neutral position. Begin by driving your body weight through your front heel to bring yourself into a standing staggered position. Slowly return to the starting position. Your primary muscles working is your front quadricep with a secondary emphasis on the back gluteus.

Targeted Muscle Group(s): Front leg: Rectus Femoris, Vastus complex Back leg: Gluteus Medius.

Progression suggestions:

  1. Split Squat with elevated back foot

Key Points:

  • Keep your weight evenly distributed between both hips.
  • Keep your chest up and belly button drawn to your spine.
  • Keep your feet forward.
  • Keep your front knee tracking in line with your 2nd and 3rd

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